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Arm your staff with the computer skills they need

Wordwrap offers practical computer training in Microsoft Office Programs and Computer Essentials for individuals and corporations. We will come to your office and use a personalized approach, built around your objectives. We work around your schedule and are even available to provide evening courses.

Our small class size ensures that students get the attention they need to learn the subject well. Students will receive step-by-step, hands-on training under the supervision of a patient instructor in an engaging environment. All of our courses are designed to provide practical applications that can be used effectively from day one.


Computer Essentials Course – Beginner
This program is designed for the computer novice or students who wish to improve their knowledge of computer terminology, Windows Operating System, Internet, Windows Messenger, Emails and Digital Media. The primary objective of this course is to impart fundamental knowledge and instill a sense of confidence to function in today’s technological world. Students will receive step-by-step, hands-on training under the supervision of a patient instructor in an engaging environment. We can teach you to burn music legally, create a photo album and set up a personal email account. At the end of the course, students will be required to complete a Learning Demonstration Project that requires the application of skills acquired in the program.


Microsoft Office Training

We provide customized training in Microsoft Office Software, including:


Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® Word
  • Creating and saving new documents
  • Retrieving and editing existing documents
  • Formatting documents
  • Adding tables, charts and graphics
  • Employing best practices for storing, formatting, printing and indexing documents
  • Customizing Microsoft Word
  • Create and modify a marketing letter including graphics and tables
  • Create a report containing customized styles and fonts with a table of contents

Microsoft® Excel
Microsoft® Excel
  • Creating and saving documents
  • Organizing and analyzing data effectively
  • Creating formulas and leveraging Excel’s automated features
  • Creating presentation quality output and printing
  • Create and modify a departmental budget
  • Create an analytical spreadsheet showing the costs of advertising in a phone directory

Microsoft® Powerpoint
Microsoft ® Powerpoint
  • Creating, saving and modifying presentations
  • Using Powerpoint templates effectively and adding content from other Microsoft applications
  • Using headers, footers and adding custom formatting
  • Create a sales presentation using company customized logos and pictures
  • Modify an existing presentation and update it with animation

Microsoft® Access
Microsoft ® Access
  • Designing a database using best practices
  • Creating a database schema
  • Inserting and importing data
  • Creating queries
  • Creating reports
  • Create a database for a retailer and produce sales reports
  • Run custom queries and reports to track inventory and sales over multiple periods

Microsoft® Outlook
Microsoft ® Outlook
  • Learning Outlook fundamentals
  • Setting up outlook to receive emails from a server
  • Creating and sending emails
  • Creating and utilizing a distribution list
  • Setting up and managing contacts
  • Customize Outlook with personal stationery and signature and send out mail to a group
  • Create and maintain an up-to-date contact list

Armed with skills to use the Microsoft Office Suite, you and your staff will be better equipped to serve clients and compete in today’s technologically integrated business world.

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